Initially we start with a phone conversation to discuss some details about project(s) and answer your questions. After our initial conversation we will arrange a meeting to discuss your project in more detail, along with your wants, wishes, and needs, as well as our services and fees.

Whether you are adding more space for your growing family, adding a master suite addition, great room, garage, or a new space to house your dream kitchen, we can assist you with every aspect of the design.

Not looking to add more square footage or additional heated living space? maybe because you don’t have the room or are just looking to update the look? We can assist you with updating your current floorplan layout without adding any additional square footage, with the advancements made in structural lumber and steel, walls can be removed and rooms opened up to create a more open floorplan. Looking to add a porch or other non heated living space such as a sunroom to freshen up the look, we can help there too!

Whatever your taste or style, we can assist you in designing your dream home. With better and more stable materials available today the possibilities are endless.

Kitchens are the heart of today’s home’s, they are the central hub for everyday activities and family gatherings. If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, consider hiring a professional who is skilled, believe it or not designing a kitchen is not as simple as it may seem, there is an immense amount of decisions to make, besides the cabinets, you will most likely need new countertops, appliances, floor covering, lighting fixtures, electrical, plumbing and probably some carpentry labor and installation of all these items, this can cost upwards of $30,000 or more, do you really want to trust this to someone who wears an orange or blue smock that is being paid $10.00/hr and probably has no formal education or experience in designing kitchens? There are many things to consider when designing a new kitchen besides how it will look, like how many people will be cooking, the size of the family and the amenities needed just to name a few. We have an 8 page design questionnaire that covers every detail so that we can provide you with the best design possible.

We offer consulting services that range from discussing design ideas, project planning, budgeting and more. Please call us to discuss in more detail.

Passive Solar design has been around for many years but has become a common design practice for us since the cost of energy has risen to new highs. We have taken a new approach to this with our professional CAD software. We have the ability to show you how the sun will relate to your design at any time of the year, all in 3D!!

Most states only require this for new homes, it is a calculation of all insulated wall and floor space and is compared to the amount of fenetration you have, meaning doors and windows that can be a means of air infiltration. This report ensures that your home meets or exceeds today’s current R-value and U-value energy code requirements.

We often assist our clients with dimensional or height variances, coastal related regulations, and septic upgrade or repair applications to name a few. We also have professional relationships with engineers who can assist with these items when needed.

Over the years we have formed trusted and valued relationships with many types of other design related services, such as Structural and Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Interior Decorators / Designers, Landscape Design and Lighting Design. Whatever your needs we have the resources to help you with your project.

Construction Documents (plans) are the most important part of the design process as they dictate how the design will be assembled and with what types of materials. Upon the completion of the plans, we provide a high-resolution PDF of the final plans and provide you a link that you may use to make sharp copies every time as well as email off to contractors or product suppliers for pricing.

Design management services include assisting our clients with obtaining surveys, septic design, engineering services (Civil and Structural), Interior decorating and lighting design, as well as landscape design services. Construction management services include assisting our clients through the building process and ensuring the design we created is being constructed to the specifications and quality we have defined in our plans. These services are optional and not required as part of our design process, however, many of our clients often look to us to assist them with most of the above-related design services. Our construction management services are usually requested when the clients hire their own contractor rather than a contractor we recommend.

In addition to our design services, many of our clients look to us for a professional, honest, and reputable contractor to complete their project. We can help! We take design/build to a whole new level. Rather than hiring a company that provides an all in one service (they are the design professional and contracting company), We use our network of trusted builders to tailor the contractor to our client's needs and personality. Once we determine the scope of work for your project we can recommend a professional and reputable contractor that we think would best fit your project.